How we enable scalable CO2 removal in a commercially successful way.


We translate the findings of our scientific partners into marketable products and technologies focused on enhanced rock weathering (ERW) to rapidly scale innovations into the global carbon dioxide removal (CDR) market.


Our Principles

  1. Our methodology is based on the ever-evolving science of ERW, taking into account the continuously changing understanding of this CDR approach
  2. We are actively involved in cutting edge research into CDR through ERW (e.g., Project Carbdown in Germany, Olivine Project in Greece)
  3. We are carefully considering all parameters relevant to ERW (e.g. material, soil, climate, crop, etc.) and their possible interactions
  4. For the assessment of the achieved carbon sequestration we use analyses and direct measurements where theoretical models can be avoided
  5. We are closely working with our partners to follow up on the most promising leads to develop a reliable and comprehensive MRV (measurement, reporting and verification) approach
  6. We are looking to improve carbon-capture rates via our portfolio-approach, combining ERW with other carbon-capture methods (e.g., biochar, soil organic carbon, etc.)

Our Approach

Our operational activities are based on our methodology, which is build upon our principles and the latest findings of the scientific community.

Together with our strategic and operational partners we provide an end-to-end solution to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

We cover everything

from material
production, logistics & application

over MRV
monitoring, reporting & verification

to the final carbon credit
3rd party audits, certification & credit registration


Our Process

We provide the methodology, customized material composition, suitable land for distribution and the MRV. The entire end-to-end process is managed by reverce as a single entity.

Our scientific partners conduct the analysis of the respective soil and material in the run-up to the application and throughout the entire duration of the weathering process.

Our operational partners cover the supply, transport and distribution of the material.

Our certification partners issue the certificates based on current compliance standards.