Help us reverse CO2 emissions!

We are welcoming farmers and agricultural landowners to join forces to tackle climate change! Your fields could be optimal for natural carbon removal through enhanced rock weathering.

We provide rock dust, specifically tailored to your soil and crops’ needs. Basalt rock dust is a legal fertilizer and is already used especially in organic farming to improve soil health and increase yields.

Contact us to find out which particular benefits rock dust might bring to your crops!

Why participate?

Application of natural minerals to agricultural soils through spreading and incorporating rock dust may

  • increase the pH of acidic soils
  • improve the water retention capacity of your soil
  • add plant macro nutrients (K,P,Ca, Mg) and micro nutrients (Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, etc.) to the soil
  • make plants more resistant to biotic (pests) and abiotic (draught) stress
  • stabilize soil organic matter
  • increase overall soil health by stimulating microbial activity,

which can result in healthier crops and better yields.


"Field monitoring indicated that farmland ERW significantly improved crop yield in humid region (13.5 ± 5.2 %), along with notable improvements in soil pH and available nutrients"

(Guo F. et al. (2023). Improving food security and farmland carbon sequestration in China through enhanced rock weathering: Field evidence and potential assessment in different humid regions. 
Science of The Total Environment, 903, 166118.


When do you plan to carry out the next ploughing and tillage on your field(s) (from/to):